Samsung Unveils Luxury 8K QLED TV with almost Zero or No Bezels and a whole lot of AI

The 2020 edition of CES is yet a few days away but it has not stopped brands from showing off or setting the Tempo for CSE 2020 to be held in Las Vegas from 7th January on wards.
Samsung , exceeding expectation, has unveiled a new 8K QLED TV with Zero Bezels just jiffies prior to the CES fair and has raised the AI bar in TVs before the game has even begun.


Samsung is calling its Zero Bezel design as Infinity Design which boasts of a impressive 99% of the screen.
Well we are not the once to complain about 95% screen body ratio but this extra 4% is sure to give the extra immersive experience.
If this is not luxury enough for you then we must tell you that entire TV is only 15 mm thick with a completely flat back.


2020 QLED 8K TV is equipped with a AI quantum processor that combines Machine Learning and Deep Learning to achieve Upscaling.
Upscaling is the technique to convert image of any quality to 8K resolution.
In the absence of 8K content this AI backed upscaling is going to be really useful.

The TV also boasts a new ‘Adaptive Picture‘ feature which can optimized brightness and contrast based on your current viewing environment.
What it means is that you dont have to draw the curtains or turn off the lights. The TV will adjust BnC automatically. Well that’s a smart TV isn’t it.

The TV also supports AI ScaleNet technology to compensate for data loss in video streaming.
Also 8K QLED 2020 TV will be able to render Youtube’s 8K AV1 codec.

SOUND QUALITY – AI again all thE way

Imagine a car moving along the big screen and sound moving along with it on the screen instead of just going from left to right.
Well Samsung’s 8K QLED TV has delivered this phenomenal experience and is calling it OTS + (Object Tracking Sound Plus) technology.
Complementing the display department, sound department is also able to understand you ambient atmosphere noise and can automatically adjust the decibels of video via AVA (Active Voice Amplifier).


Samsung Electronics redesigned the user interface of the Universal Guide, which helps consumers easily find the content they want .

In particular, by recommending the streaming content in various apps at a glance, it is easier to choose the content you want to see.

In addition, ‘TV Plus’ , which Samsung Smart TV users can watch for free, will provide more than 120 global channels this year in various fields such as news and movies.

It also has a ‘multi view’ feature that allows consumers to multitask while watching TV . Users can watch two contents at the same time, from ‘Side by Side’ to ‘Picture-in-Picture’.

One of the notable changes in this year’s new product is the ease of connecting TVs with other devices.

The new ‘Tap View’  feature allows users to ‘Mirroring’ by simply touching the smartphone to the TV.

In addition, the ‘Digital Butler’ function was introduced to allow the TV to recognize and control not only devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but also older devices not connected to the Internet.

The 2020 QLED 8K has also expanded its voice recognition service. In addition to Samsung Bixby, which is optimized for TV function control and content experience, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant also improve convenience for consumers.

In addition, reflecting the recent trend to pursue a healthy lifestyle, the Samsung Health app can be used on Samsung Smart TVs. Users can easily manage their existing workouts from their smartphones on their TV, and they also offer dedicated fitness content.

Choo Jong-seok, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ video display business division, said, “2020 QLED 8K has Samsung’s willingness to innovate to provide more advanced screen experiences to consumers.” We will expand the market by delivering it. ”